I know there are hospitals for pets but this is the first time I heard about the Doll Hospital. You can see a sign “Doll Hospital, 1830″ above a doorway in a traditional Portuguese tiled facade adds to the feeling of nostalgic melancholy in Lisbon’s shabby centre, with its toy-like houses and creaky yellow trams, and that is the Doll Hospital.

When entering into this “hospital,” you can see many headless dolls, doll heads and body parts everywhere. It looks weird but it’s not that creepy like the creepy Island of the Dolls in Mexico. The founder of this Doll Hospital is Manuela Cutileiro, who is still the person in charge of this hospital.
In fact, it’s just a “workshop” to repair your broken or damaged dolls. You can call your car workshop as “Car Hospital” if you want…after all, it’s just a name.