Sunday, April 24, 2011

Best Architectural Photography, Sample!

Architectural photography is the taking of photographs of a structure from unusual angles. When shooting contemporary architecture you can get away with using a much more modern, abstract style. Experiment with wide angle lenses to capture the image of the building from unusual angles. Lighting is a crucial part of architectural photography. Of course we have no say over the position and orientation of a building. Choose your time of day carefully. Most experts says, direct light is not often interesting, oblique light improves contrast. Dawn and dusk light are beautiful times of day. A lot of buildings lend themselves to twilight or evening views if there is sufficient interior and exterior lighting. We are more mobile now than ever before, yet we can never attend physically all that is within range visually. To maintain our fascination with architecture, our eyes search for not just what’s on the skyline, but the continued promulgation of pictures of structures in a visually-rich surroundings.

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